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Corporate Strategies

Each company or organization’s goal is to grow and maintain its role in the market. The goal is succeed by keeping both value production efficiency and management.


Objectives, dynamics of evolution of the target market or the desire to attack new markets make necessary changes of the corporate strategies, to which they must adapt. Starting from an analysis of the existing structure, the sector and the competitors, it will be possible to find a solution that will allow to achieve goals of stability and / or growth.

Competitiveness strategies

From corporate strategies to competitiveness strategies

Nowadays talking about corporate strategy means creating an asset management in order to capture the synergy between the business units and giving a solid common identity to each individual “competitiveness strategies”. These are the basis on which rests the whole system, characterized by specific product offerings, specific target market, specific objectives.

On one hand this allows to assign complex tasks into manageable parts by offering greater manageability and autonomy, on the other hand it allows an integrated and efficient organizational structure pursuing common goals.

Competitive advantage

competitiveness and strategic areas

Once the strategic asset of brand strategy and brand identity has been created, the competitive strategies and the functional strategies will be defined in order to achieve the goals.

– Promotion of the brand through most appropriate communication channels (AdvertisingWeb Marketing)
– definition of metrics aimed at measuring results



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