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Marco Piacquadio

SEO expert & Project Manager


Marco Piacquadio is SEO and web marketing expert, and has the role of project manager in the company.

After studying architecture in Rome he worked as a graphic designer in some of the largest European agencies of design and advertising. In 2010 he returned to Italy to found Simpliza, a small but high-powered and dynamic agency. Digital nomad, now living in Estonia.


Content Editor


He has extensive experience in the field of advertising, as creative director of the Art Studio in Rome. A typography and screen printing expert, he is also a painter and connoisseur of modern art.


Marketing Expert


With a degree in the psychology of marketing from the Sapienza university of Rome, her role in Simpliza is that of conducting statistical linguistic and content analysis of projects, and defining the psychological profiles of the target.


Front end / back end developer


A senior developer and technician with excellent process optimization capabilities, Malith ensures that each web project is completed according to the brief and on time.
He is a Magento Certified Developer whith skills in the following languages and systems:
Skills: HTML, HTML5, PHP, CSS (CSS£, LESS, Sass), Angularjs, jQuery, Javascript, Magento and WordPress



Thanks to his knowledge of the world wide web and his experience in coding (php, javascript, jquary, mysql, etc..), he is a fundamental element of Simpliza’s team.