While Google regularly releases new updates to its search algorithm, SEO becomes ever more complex and the risk of incurring penalties is getting higher. In this article we will see how to structure a simple content marketing strategy to improve the ranking on Google and generate leads in the post Penguin and PBN de-indexing era.

How to Improve Google Ranking with content marketing - How to create an effective strategy of content marketing in 7 easy steps

What is the relationship between social engagement and organic search?
The number of “likes” on Facebook, followers on Twitter or Instagram and the Linkedin shares have definitely an impact on the ranking of websites, but not as we might guess.

SEO Hoaxes - Social Shares and Google Ranking

Don’t call it SEO.At least, NOT in the sense of a decade ago.
A provocation? Sure. But let’s start from the beginning.

Don’t call it SEO. At least, NOT in the sense of a decade ago. A provocation? Sure. But let’s start from the beginning. History of SEO

China is a growing market that now has more than 564 million users. We note how it is making its way, both in the B2C field and particularly in the B2B field, a trend of interest towards the Chinese market.

In this article we will focus solely on the second point, and we will generally refer to the Baidu search engine, which dominates the Chinese scene with over 70% of market share, followed by Qihoo 360, (13%, up) and Sogou + soso (8.2%). Google is no longer present, since in 2010 he abandoned the Asian market.

Complete seo factors list for ranking on main chinese search engine Baidu

Even though SEO is a synergy of different practices, not all are equally important to achieve a good ranking. Since it takes time and continuous testing, it is important to prioritize the efforts on the factors that offer greater benefits.
In this list we tried to provide an analytical overview of all optimization factors on various search engines, with a focus on Google and Bing.

Complete seo factors list for ranking for Google search engine

Which kind of Content Marketing fits best your needs?

Content Marketing Infographic

6 October 2015


SEO vs SEM: What is the most suitable action for a web marketing campaign?
In the infographic we try to provide data that will help users to increase their awareness about the topic.

SEO vs SEM infografica, guida simpliza - copertina

Advertising campaign developed in 2015 on the occasion of the restyling of Simpliza’s website

Good design need right tool - simpliza advertising campaign 2015

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