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Website Audit

First steps in a successful SEO campaign is an in depth SEO Audit.


An accurate SEO analysis allows you to:

  • • Identify any potential obstacles to SEO performance
  • • Determine your current position within your marketplace
  • • Benchmark to your main competitors

The aim is to achieve a level of insight that allows you to improve your digital marketing strategy based on the performance and SEO parameters of your website in comparison to competitors.



SEO Audit Basic


  • On-page SEO Analysis
  • General Analysis[expand title=””]

    • Site Architecture
    • Site Load Performance
    • Website Tree
    • Accessibility Tests

  • Meta Analysis[expand title=””]

    • URL optimization
    • Meta Data
    • Content Optimization

  • Content Analysis[expand title=””]

    • Duplicate tests
    • Meta Data
    • Content Optimization
    • Image Optimization
    • Alt tags

  • Keyword Analysis[expand title=””]

    • Duplicate tests
    • Meta Data
    • Content Optimization

  • Technical SEO Analysis[expand title=””]

    • Canonical tags
    • Robot.txt
    • XML Sitemap test
    • Search Engine Crawler Accessibility
    • HTTP Status Codes
    • Search Engine Indexability
    • Internal Link Graph
    • Structured Data


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SEO Audit Advanced


  • On-page SEO Analysis
    • All SEO Audit base Analysis

  • Off-page SEO Analysis
  • Site Authority[expand title=””]

    • Site Authority
    • Social Engagement
    • SEO Market Share Analysis

  • Backlinks[expand title=””]

    • Backlinks Lookup
    • Backlinks Quality Analysis

  • Competitors Research
  • Benchmarking[expand title=””]

    • Content Optimization
    • Competitors Weaknesses Analysis

  • Backlinks[expand title=””]

    • Competitors Backlinks Lookup
    • Competitors Backlinks Quality Analysis


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