Communication agency

Simpliza is a SEO agency and web design studio with extensive experience in the field of branding, design, marketing and web development.
Founded in 2008, Simpliza has realized a wide range of important projects for large companies, as well as many exciting assignments for small firms and startup companies.

Visual communication & Advertising

Corporate Strategies



Effective communication is based on establishing a unique visual identity. The creation of an identity is Simpliza’s forte, and this is done by adopting the complex criteria of analysis typically used for large projects.
Our young and dynamic team also plans classic and web advertising campaigns, using all of the media channels and means that are are deemed appropriate in the design phase.

Marketing and Web Development

Web Design


Web Marketing



The world of mobile and social networks has become vitally important to the consumer experience and as such should be considered as an integral part of the implementation of branding strategies in the digital world. We believe that the website of any company with a digital brand strategy should be as simple, concise and effective as possible. The Simpliza communication agency offers a wide range of services for the development of successful websites that can satisfy a whole range of specific requests. We utilize the most up to date information architecture in order to design and create dynamic interfaces, with programmes and special features corresponding to the need and experiences of the end users.
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