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We help companies develop their online potential and reach new target markets

Simpliza is a marketing agency with experience in the areas of branding, design, SEO, SEM, SMM, SEA and web development. Active since 2008, the group has realized several prestigious projects for big companies and has carried out many interesting tasks for small businesses and start-ups.
Operating in Rome and Milan, we like to think of our agency as a reference point in the field of digital marketing for ambitious companies, who want to compete in their markets so as to attain a position of leadership. We offer real solutions, not just packages. Our clients want tangible results and we reward their trust by making our expertise, experience and creativity available and dedicating our efforts to the constant growth of their business.

Why choose a specialized SEO communications agency?


There are three main types of agencies: the classic communications agency, the web agency and the SEO/SEM agency. The difference between them essentially concerns their objectives. Today creating a good relationship with the client or doing a good job from a graphic or technical point of view is not enough.


An SEO agency bases its activities on number-crunching, predictions and research, adopting an analytical approach from the very start of each job, which makes it possible to carefully plan activities and predict their results. This approach also allows us to operate alongside other agencies in the areas of communication, the web and social media, with which we have had many fruitful and stimulating collaborations over the years.



Our priority is to always keep up to date concerning the latest changes to the algorithms of Google, Bing, Yahoo! and the other main search engines. We constantly review the relevant Italian white papers of reference on the Google SEO ranking factors and the Baidu SEO ranking factors.

Your SEO Agency for the International Market

Our Approach


Competitors Analisys
Preliminary study: the basis for a successful strategy
Whether it's about corporate strategies, CPC or SEO, our work is born out of a detailed brief with the customer. An in-depth analysis of the context and the competitive characteristics of the reference market is made and the data are presented to the customer.


Pianificazione strategie di marketing e comunicazione
Strategic Planning
In the second phase, we decide the actions that make up the strategy based on opportunities discovered during the analysis. These will enable to achieve the goals set in the brief and will include strategic planning, from editorial to approval.


Development phase
Development and execution
Once the project is planned in detail, it is time for the implementation phase, during which the actions planned in the strategy phase will be implemented and will lead the company to successfully achieve the goals set.

Why choose Simpliza?

Engaging in a "ROI oriented" communication agency means ensuring that ambitious goals are set and that progress is monitored day by day.

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