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Content Marketing 2016: B2B vs B2C vs Enterprise

Which kind of Content Marketing fits best your needs?

Strategies benchmark

Trends 2016

Every company aims to tailor its content marketing to a specific target audience in order to attract its attention and thus attract more clients and trade. But what is the most effective content marketing for your own firm or business?
Each and every company has its own specific business model, target and mission, and a look at the annual survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute can surely help you to determine what would be best for you.


Social media content is still the most widely used marketing tool for both B2B and B2C businesses (being used 92% of the time ??oppure: in 92% of cases), but most companies have no truly coherent content marketing strategy and only 37% of B2C businesses have a clearly stated strategy in 2016, although this is an improvement over 27% in 2015.


It is interesting to notice how the use of infographics as marketing tool has reached a new record in 2016 of 77% for enterprise companies and 62% for B2C (last year it was 45%).



1. Social Media Content (other than blogs)

social media content - b2b b2c content marketing - stats 2016

Often used as a cross-platform strategy for sharing and spreading content on web pages, social media posts are fundamental for every kind of business, enterprise, B2B and B2C.





  • • It is exellent in driving traffic
  • • Integrated comment system


  • • No ads revenue
  • • Each platform has its own rules




Cost of outsourcing

  • Low. The cost can rise a lot if it is to be combined with a good strategy, particularly if this is cross-platform




e-newsletter - b2b b2c content marketing - stats 2016

Newsletter strategies transform ideas into actions by using one of the most traditional systems: emails.
An effective email marketing strategy makes it possible to target customers very precisely. It is low cost, scalable and direct.





  • • Customer targeting and segmentation
  • • Scalable with minor efforts and costs
  • • Easy to start with


  • • Risk of eMail blacklisting
  • • Timing is difficult




Cost to outsource

  • Moderate




videos - b2b b2c content marketing - stats 2016

Video is currently taking the world of content marketing by storm. According to Cisco [1], video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017. Video-on-demand traffic alone will have almost trebled.





  • • User oriented
  • • 92% of B2B customers watch online videos [3]
  • • Easy targeting


  • • Time-consuming
  • • Expensive tools may be required
  • • Various types of skills are needed




Cost of outsourcing

  • High. The market requires increasingly high standards of quality




articles - b2b b2c content marketing - stats 2016

More impersonal than blog posts, not as authoritative as a white paper. Articles content marketing strategy are widely used by either B2B and B2C businesses.





  • • Authoritative
  • • SEO booster


  • • Contents should be closely connected to the targt interests of users




Cost of outsourcing

  • Moderate



In-Person Events

in-person events - b2b b2c content marketing - stats 2016

This is perhaps the most powerful tactic in marketing strategy. While the web is getting increasingly overloaded with marketing content, face-to-face conversations allow marketers to construct made to measure relationships with potential partners and existing customers. The efectiveness of in-person events in B2B tactics increased from 69% to 75% this year according to CMI 2016 report [3 – Content Marketing Insitute – 2016 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends].





  • • Full possibilities for expression and use of body language
  • • No risk of distractions or interruptions
  • • Easy to start from


  • • It is hard to bring all one’s clients to one location, especially in the case of non-local businesses
  • • Timing is difficult



White Papers

white papers - b2b b2c content marketing - stats 2016

A good white paper generates leads, helping business targets to understand an issue, solve a problem or make a decision.





  • • Focussed on the solutions or benefits of a B2B product and services
  • • May have a lifespan of over 2 years
  • • Very persuasive


  • • Expensive and time consuming
  • • Unsuitable for B2C
  • • is necessary a thorough study on the topic




Cost of outsourcing

  • It can be very expensive, and it may take one to three months just to get started.



Case Study

case study - b2b b2c content marketing - stats 2016

Analogous on-line version of the word-of-mouth testimonial, the case study is a 1-2 pages lenght document that reassure any prospect working in a similar industry or facing a similar challange. As well as white papers, case studies are powerful, convincing, and cost-effective marketing materials, any B2B vendor should produce.





  • • Focus on customer’s experience
  • • Credibility booster


  • • Time-intensive




Cost to outsource

  • Moderate



Illustrations/ Photos

illustrations-photos - b2b b2c content marketing - stats 2016

Posts with at least one image gets 64.9% more shares than the ones with just text [4]. This is particulary true on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Articles and blog posts, on the other hand, in addition to making the actual document more vivid, they are a very useful for SEO.





  • • Highly shared by social media users
  • • SEO friendly


  • • Photo/vector editing skills required
  • • Googled images can be protected by copyright




Cost to outsource

  • Low. A good strategy is designed to minimize the creation of each image



Blog Posts

blog posts - b2b b2c content marketing - stats 2016

Writing blog posts are a well used marketing strategy tool. Allows to engage users, build community, increase the user’s perception of authority on specific topics and, last but not least, boost SEO.Usually between 300 to 500 words in lenght, provide a personal, inside point of view.





  • • Provide personal, inside point of view
  • • Boosts SEO


  • • Blogs are (expected to be) updated frequently




Cost to outsource

  • Low to moderate. One of most cost-effective strategies. However, depends on the specificity of the content, lenght and frequency of publication



Webinars/ Webcasts

webinars/webcasts - b2b b2c content marketing - stats 2016

Webinars are the online version of the in-person events. Unlike many types of content marketing, webinars can promt faster buying decisions and gain high short-term ROI. Definitely one of the most effective content marketing strategies for B2B.





  • • Drives lead generation
  • • 34% take a purchase decision on info they learned [5]
  • • High short-term ROI


  • • You may have less attention
  • • Promotion is needed





Cost to outsource

  • High



Online Presentations

online presentations - b2b b2c content marketing - stats 2016

Online presentations are used primarily for technology demos (67%), technical info (66%), technology news & analysis (57%), how-to info (52%) and training (48%) [6]. They are excellent in driving customer engagement, create loyalty and improve customer retention. An online presentation can convert both live and on demand even for years.





  • • Most attender goes back to vendor website after the presentation
  • • Easily shared with colleagues


  • • Need sponsoring
  • • Keeping user’s attention alive can be difficult




Cost to outsource

  • High. Finding the right people that have the right competences is not an easy task




infographics - b2b b2c content marketing - stats 2016

One of the challanges for brands is to communicate stories, data, products in an entertaining way. Converting that content into high-impact and stunning visual design maks them eye catching, easy to digest, shareable (+94%, compared to text). Infographic marketing offers good potential for generating engagement, growing your audience, earning backlinks (SEO).





  • • Eye catching, easy toread
  • • Gains lot of shares


  • • If raster, text are not read by crawlers, witch is bad for SEO
  • • Takes a long time to create a well done infographic




Cost to outsource

  • Moderate to high


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